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Event in Cannes


Event in Cannes


Video caricatures

Video caricatures

From home with a good coffee, have yourself sketched and get an original caricature in a few minutes.


Digital caricatures

Digital caricatures

When the stylus replaces the pencil and the tablet replaces the sheet of paper, you get an original portrait.

Corporate headshots

Corporate headshots

Point out the originality of your company and your team with an original caricature headshot.

Trendier and trendier to liven up parties and keep good funny memories, cartoons are gaining in popularity in this charming city.

The Caricaturist Cannes apparently has a lot on his palette.

Call on a Cannes caricaturist to liven up the atmosphere

The Caricaturist in Cannes is invited to draw one or more people. Equipped with his particular talent for accentuating facial features, he aims to elicit laughter and relax the atmosphere. If previously he was isolated in his community, today it would seem that he is a unique provider of this kind of évents in Cannes.

Whether it’s a private corporate celebration, a gala, a wedding, or a birthday party, he finds his place to make the day or evening even more memorable than it should be. The friendly and original aspect of his art creates a remarkable album of remembrance. Guests are always more than happy to be caricatured at these events. The service offered by this professional alone makes the entertainment of your evenings in Cannes exceptional.

Children, teenagers and adults, all will experience it.

When the artist engages in his work, he often gets comfortable and asks the guests to do the same. Equipped exclusively with sheets of paper and pencils, he can stay in a corner of the room or move around in the crowd and add a touch of good humor to it. More often than not, he asks those he meet if they want to be caricatured.

They just need to stand still for a few minutes opposite him with a certain pose. Then, he reproduces it with a rather burlesque morphology and a face which is as similar as it is funny. It also happens that he decides to recreate scenes observed during the party without necessarily raising any questions. Drawing subjects are extremely pleasurable, because the result is even more fun.

The memories are engrained in their mind and the sketch brings the moment to life. Thanks to his sketches, and a few small talks, the caricaturist plays his role well in the evening party entertainment in Cannes with his popular humor.

The Cannes Events area has been filled with good humor and laughter since the organizers’ initiative to include this artist among their entertainers. This completely innovative act is worth considering.

Smiles included!


For an unforgettable event

Impress your guests by offering them an original caricature under their gaze … An unforgettable memory and in good spirits !

thank you for sharing this moment with us!
Be sure that everything was appreciated and will remain in our hearts.
thank you, you were at the top of your game!

July 19, 2020 Wedding Cécilia and Stéphane

From the top of our little cloud, we would like to thank you for helping to make this day unforgettable for us and our guests
It has been a real pleasure to work with you.

Anais and Olivier
July 03, 2021: private villa Wedding, Sanary sur Mer

Thank you very much for your very nice service which delighted our guests. I was very happy to meet you.
I wish you all the best

July 09, 2021: private Sanary sur Mer party

It has been a little over 2 weeks since the wedding of Catherine and Stéphane took place at the Château de Berne in Lorgues.
I would like to thank you for your professionalism, your commitment and your good humor on this event.
I received an email from the bride and groom telling me how MAGNIFICENT they had experienced this day! 🤩

July 11, 2021: Chateau de Berne: LORGUES

They trusted me

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