Original wedding entertainment


You want something…

… original? Different?

You’ve been thinking about it for months (maybe years?), The big day is coming: you want to mark the occasion, make this moment unforgettable and please the guests who will be there to share with you what must be the best day of your life :your wedding day.

You have the trendy caterer, the room is magnificent, the DJ is ready to alternate 3-beat waltzes, rock aplenty and frenzied funk, the decor is set. Nothing is missing. Except…

You want something original, different, memorable, and leave your guests, your relatives, your friends, your parents a memory of this magical evening. You can see it would be great if they didn’t come away empty-handed. Of course, there is always the sugared almonds. But…

This is where I come in.



Years of experience in event entertainment
Consenting victims

Guests to sketch !!!

How does it work ?

Your wedding night begins, the bar has just opened, everyone’s there. An abundance of appetizers, champagne flows freely… A little further, a few bursts of laughter. People are coming closer …

I am here among you, my first “victim” sitting on their chair: let’s go for 8 minutes of curves, downstrokes and upstrokes, fast and incisive pencil strokes: a caricature is taking life. Here we go for an evening of laughs and jokes in a good-natured spirit.

Humor and friendliness are present in this entertainment that the artist offers you.

That’s it; the first guest is immortalized: Already a second person is ready to sit down. There is already a long line-up and the number of caricatures to be drawn are limited, they think. Not everyone will have the luck. No, indeed, but not everyone will participate tonight in the distorting mirror game: There are many who will be content to enjoy the show. So here I am for the evening, to sketch and sketch again for my greatest pleasure and certainly yours.

We sat down to dinner. The bride and groom have made their entrance: discreetly, I slip into the audience, and without disturbing the ballet of the waiters! I continue to offer their caricature to those who want it.

The ball is open, I quietly take my leave. This evening, no less than 20 to 25 people will leave with a unique and personalized souvenir of your wedding, their caricature completed in just a few minutes!


  • 450€ per cocktail
  • 600€ for 3 hours of service (2 hours at the cocktail party + 1 hour during dinner)
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