Digital caricature

Digital caricature


You want something…

… Different? Digital?

Today in the digital age, the caricature artist adapts and offers an even more visual and more creative animation: the digital caricature made on iPad.

The process remains unchanged from a traditional caricature on paper: the guests are sketched in less than 10 minutes, what changes is the tool! The stylus replaces the pencil and the tablet replaces the sheet of paper!



Years of experience in event entertainment
Consenting victims

Victims to sketch

How does it work?

This original and innovative digital animation offers even more flexibility and possibilities; current technology makes it possible to transcribe traditional drawing as well as possible, with a multitude of tools, pencils, brushes, airbrushes, calligraphic pens, various grains of paper, colored backgrounds and a thousand other creative tricks!

In terms of communication, it has never been easier to add a logo, a visual, anything that can be useful in terms of marketing! We can resize at will, integrate, delete, draw several people side by side: digital technology is freedom and creativity! You can then use the files as you see fit, for the creation of a corporate headshot or a printing on textile support. The only limit is your imagination!

The drawings are then shared by email, then can be printed on the premisces, in postcard size (10 x13cms), all with a simple WIFI connection!

You can also make an even stronger impression and give more impact to this entertainment, by choosing to share the drawings made in real time on a screen! Spectacular effect guaranteed !

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